Understand your customers’ perspectives with video-based feedback from UserTesting. Seamlessly launch UserTesting tests to Fuel Cycle community members to see and hear the experiences of real people.

Learn more about UserTesting on the Fuel Cycle Exchange.

Connect Accounts

  1. Click the Exchange tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the UserTesting section.
  2. Click either the UserTesting logo or the Details button for more information on the integration.
  3. Click the Request More Info button to request an API key and token.
  4. Within two business days of agreeing to the terms of service, a Fuel Cycle representative will contact you with the API key and token.
  5. Copy the API key and token from your email.
  6. Log in to UserTesting.
  7. Go to the Settings > Integrations page in UserTesting.

  8. Select Connect button in the Fuel Cycle integration section.
  9. Add the API key and token you copied above to the appropriate fields.
  10. Click the Connect button directly under the API credential fields.

Create the Test to Share with Fuel Cycle

  1. Create a new unmoderated website test in UserTesting.
    Live Conversation and mobile testing with Fuel Cycle will be available soon.
  2. Choose Build audience to choose the contributors with whom you want to test.
  3. Name your test to help you locate your test when you navigate to Fuel Cycle in the following steps.
  4. Click on Select audience.
  5. Click Create from scratch.
  6. In the section marked Contributor network options, Select Fuel Cycle community.UserTesting_Contributor_Network_Options.pngAdd your audience segmentation in Fuel Cycle but not on this UserTesting screen.
  7. Build your test plan and launch your test as normal. You will see a confirmation screen in UserTesting.

After about one minute, you will see the test in the Surveys > FCX Studies section of Fuel Cycle.

If you create a new activity after that time, on the Description tab, create a new FCX Study block. The test name from UserTesting will appear. On the Invite tab, you can create any type of user segmentation you need.

Updated on June 2, 2022

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