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Using the Mobile App

The Fuel Cycle mobile app is designed to reach community members on-the-go.  Members can interact with all the activities available on the community website, plus more.  Leverage your community mobile app to engage members with check-ins (geolocation), mobile ethnographies, and other types of research activities unique to mobile – all conveniently from the member’s mobile device.

Why is mobile a must-have for your research program?  Read more here.

Mobile Walkthrough

The following examples are screenshots from a demo community.  The actual branding and colors of your mobile app will automatically adopt the same customization as your community.


When members log in they’ll be presented with the home screen where they can navigate activities.  Users can swipe up and down to explore different activities to participate.  New activities can be featured front-and-center to drive participation in your latest research projects.

Engaging Activities

Members can participate with activities, including surveys and studies directly on their mobile device.  This includes activities with check-ins (geolocation) that enable you to reach members at specific physical locations and receive in-the-moment feedback.

Comments and Discussions

Communities discussions often generate lively conversations that provide deep insights.  Commenting from within the mobile app is intuitive and as easy as sending a text message or email.

Media Sharing

Images, videos, and other types of media can be uploaded directly from member’s phones and shared with the community.  This is particularly powerful for gaining insights in product testing, virtual shop-along, retail product positioning insights, and more.

Updated on February 25, 2020

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