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Video Analysis – Overview

Fuel Cycle has partnered with video analysis platform Voxpopme to help make video insights easier and faster.

With Voxpopme, videos captured on Fuel Cycle are quickly transcribed and automatically analyzed, resulting in powerful insights that include a theme explorer, sentiment analysis and easy to use tools for creating a video report to share outside of the platform.

Please note: Voxpopme is an add-on service. If you are interested in adding this feature to your community, please contact your customer success team.

How It Works

When you run an activity with video analysis enabled, all member videos uploaded will be passed directly to Voxpopme for transcription and analysis. The video upload functionality and how the video displays inside the Fuel Cycle community will not change — members will not be aware of any difference in experience.

Once the video has been uploaded to Fuel Cycle, it will be sent to Voxpopme where it first runs through a human verification process. The process will verify that audio can be heard and that the content of the video matches the criteria you provide. In the activity creation flow (described in more detail below), you will specify a question and any other details you want to hear in the video. This will help determine if the video passes your research criteria.

For example, you could ask members what their favorite cleaning supplies are and request that they show you where they store the cleaning supplies in their house. During the verification process the video will verified to include cleaning supply mentions.

After the videos passes verification, it is human transcribed and time-coded. Finally, auto-analysis is done on the video to highlight key themes as well as provide sentiment analysis. All of this happens within minutes of the video being uploaded to Fuel Cycle so that you can quickly get to the results you are seeking.

Voxpopme accounts work in credits and your community will start with a set number of credits based on the contract purchased. The cost is 1 credit for 3 minutes of video.  The typical video is under three minutes and will cost 1 credit.

Updated on July 11, 2018

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