Working with Voxpopme

Once you are inside Voxpopme, you have a range of tools available to help you find valuable insights. The best source of information for how to use the platform is from Voxpopme directly. Under the logged in account dropdown, you can find helpful video tutorials about the Portal, Theme Explorer and Lists.

Voxpopme - Help guides

A couple of features we’d like to highlight include:

  • Video titles inside Voxpopme include a random digit generated by Voxpopme followed by the username and age of the member who submitted the video.
  • Age, Gender and Profile Point data is passed to Voxpopme: Along with age and gender, all profile points set to Push as Embedded Data in the community will be passed along with the video to Voxpopme. You can then filter the video responses by the profile data, generate data charts and more using the data.
  • Theme ExplorerVoxpopme - theme explorer
    • Voxpopme automatically finds themes based on words used most often in the project. The transcripts are also passed through sentiment analysis to show the sentiment per theme.
  • Sentiment Analysis is also available in the following areas:
    • You can view the overall project sentiment in a pie chart.
    • You can view the sentiment per theme in the theme explorer.
    • You can view sentiment applied at the sentence level in the video transcriptsVoxpopme - Sentence level sentiment
  • Create a showreel by highlighting text in a transcript to save just that part of a video.Voxpopme - Add to list
    • As you browse through the video transcripts, simply highlight the text you want to use and click “Add to List”. Voxpopme will automatically generate a clip of just the part of the video with the highlighted text.
    • You can continue to add more clips to a list to build a video report, called a showreel.
    • From the list view, you can move the clips around, insert graphics or title cards and show captions or profile data over the videos.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Voxpopme has to offer. Once you launch into a project, you’ll discover much more and can use the helpful Voxpopme documentation to answer any other questions you might have.

Updated on August 30, 2019

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